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33 Roland Gardens South Kensington, London England
The original "high-fashion" boutique hotel. This is the hotel that started the trend...inspired interiors...superior service. In a world of fashionable small hotels, Blakes remains among the most enduring and original to be found anywhere. Its regulars are icons in the fashion and entertainment industries. Located in stylish South Kensington.

The Original “Boutique” Hotel

Created from two Victorian mansions in South Kensington, Blakes made a big splash when it was opened in the late seventies by Anouska Hempel. In a world of fashionable small hotels, Blakes remains among the most enduring and original to be found anywhere.


The Original Eclectic Decor

To the well-travelled guest, Blakes might appear to be, itself,
a "very well travelled hotel". Its extraordinary collection of antiques has been drawn from across the globe. It is a caravan of exotic pieces from Russia, Turkey, Eastern Europe and India. The hotel’s 52 guest rooms are an eclectic mix of styles, dramatic colors, and patterns upon patterns. There is something for everyone. Even the most jaded international gypsy or nomad will find something to suit their taste.

Interiors range from crisp black and white; to white on white
(on white); to an intoxicating mix of gold, deep reds and mustard accompanied by splendid antique furniture. The bedrooms feature the hotel’s trademark... truly amazing canopied beds which are, at once, breathtaking and incredibly seductive. There is, of course, a small canister of oxygen on each nightstand.


Polished Professional Staff

The Blakes´ famous interiors have received international acclaim. This highly individual collection of styles has been described as everything from "global gypsy baroque" to “opium den chic”. However you describe the design, beneath the surface beats the heart of a great hotel. The staff is friendly, yet very professional, and provides the level of service you would expect from an excellent hotel while maintaining a comfortable, intimate atmosphere.


Discrete Getaway

For those high profile individuals who might prefer to remain somewhat "less high profile" while in London (you know who you are,) you will enjoy your stay at Blakes. The hotel has a well-earned reputation for protecting the privacy of its guests,
so, paparazzi beware!


Exotic Restaurant & Bar

The restaurant, aptly called ´Blakes´, is as theatrical and imaginative as the rest of the hotel. The black walls, dramatic lighting, bamboo, and masses of cushions set the scene for a kitchen, which has a reputation for originality and skill. You will find Blakes belinis with golden caviar; chicken with crab Faberge (tied together in the shape of an egg by a strand of seaweed); Sichuan roasted duck; or a simple wild mushroom risotto.
There is a carefully chosen wine list, which compliments the eclectic menu. There is also a very knowledgeable staff that provides excellent service.

The adjacent bar is popular and very lively. You can participate in the revelry or seek refuge in the Chinese Room where you will find the stacks and stacks of coffee-table-books.


High-Tech Amenities

Today’s nomads expect not only excellent accommodations but also, all of the high-tech comforts of home. Private faxes, satellite television, video, hi-fi system, in-room safe, hair dryer, robes and fine bath amenities.