About Small Chic Hotels

Great Hotels

Given the choice, who would not prefer to stay in a great hotel? But what is considered “great” varies widely from person-to-person. It even varies according to the purpose for which one is travelling.


A Memorable Experience

Today’s discerning traveller is looking for a Hotel that provides a unique experience… an experience that remains in your memory long after you have boarded the plane and returned home.


On a certain level, today’s traveller “needs” interesting architecture and elegant interiors, or perhaps, an exotic location combined with amazing service. But, the question has always been, “where can the discerning traveller find such hotels?”


For more than 25 years, SCH staff has travelled the world on your behalf – viewing and studying hotels. Often, our stays were pleasant (sometimes they were not). Occasionally, they were extraordinary! SCH is the distillation of those journeys conducted on behalf of the discerning traveller.


So, of course, the answer to the question is, “here… in the pages of Small Chic Hotels.”